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The Orangutan Alliance International Palm Oil Free Certification Program is a program for manufacturers, brands and retailers, enabling them to use the Orangutan Alliance mark to certify that no palm oil or derivatives are used in approved products.


As a manufacturer, there are many benefits to certification. The Orangutan Alliance Palm Oil Free Seal is a recognized logo for those looking for certified palm oil-free products. This symbol represents a sign of trust and care.

Our aim is to support the success of manufacturers and brands that do not use non-sustainable palm oil. When you use the Orangutan Alliance PALM OIL FREE SEAL, you tap into thousands of consumers already looking for labeling choice.

We are driving international consumer awareness, demand, and industry partnerships to grow the market for products created with care and support conservation efforts affected by this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the certification process?

Certification Application Guidelines

This is a step by step guideline to help you navigate through the Orangutan Alliance Palm Oil Free Certification application process.

The Applicant for Orangutan Alliance Certification may be an individual or an authorised representative of a company or organisation.

Please contact us at before you start the process if you need any clarification or have any questions.


STEP 1 Express Initial Interest

Fill out application form which can be found in this link

Please ensure when you complete your form, you write down names of products and any variations of flavours or scents within a particular range.

Our certification team will then send you an email with an attached quote based on the number of products you wish to certify.


STEP 2 Confirm your intention to apply for certification

Please send us a reply-email confirming as to whether or not you intend to apply for certification and accept the quote, or to ask any questions.


STEP 3 Billing procedure

After you accept the quote, our Accounting team will send you an invoice to settle your account or at least the certification application fee (plus GST if you are an Australian-based company) to proceed to the next step of the certification process.

*NOTE: In the case of rejection or withdrawal of application, the label review fee is not refundable. The fees quoted will include a certification licence fee and label review fee. Any labels checked but not passed or you wish to have deleted or withdrawn will still need to be paid for. Orangutan Alliance reserves the right to still charge for label review activities performed.


STEP 4 Commencement of certification process

Upon payment of invoice, we will send you a relevant document to list out all the ingredients of the products you wish to certify.

Send us back the filled in spreadsheet plus a PDF copy of labels for each product you have listed to certify if available.


STEP 5 Initial gathering of information from your product manufacturer or supplier

Please collate relevant documentation from your manufacturer and ingredient supplier to confirm that the ingredients they supply to you is PALM OIL FREE AND PALM DERIVATIVES FREE and that the declaration meets our standard:

  • This should be in supplier/manufacturer’s letter head
  • Name of the ingredients must be listed and document name saved where possible under the name of ingredient being declared
  • A statement of information saying ‘[ingredient name] is palm oil free and palm derivatives free’
  • The date of the document must be in current year
  • Document must be signed by the manufacturer/supplier’s authorised representative
  • Please note we may need to contact your suppliers to verify their statements, so please ensure that you have done your due diligence with ingredient suppliers.
  • Please ensure you have Technical Data Sheets, Flow Charts or Certificate of Analysis documents to substantiate your ingredient supplier claims and you have done your due diligence and checked potential palm oil ingredients to principal source. Orangutan Alliance is not liable for misleading claims provided by suppliers or manufacturers.

To help you investigate your product list as to what ingredient declaration you need to get from your supplier, please visit our website to check a sample of the common alternate names for palm oil ( and what products normally contains palm oil ( A list can also be forwarded to you.  You will need to ensure that all ingredients submitted have been checked from ingredient supplier that they are in fact palm oil free.

**NOTE: We do not accept RSPO ingredients


STEP 6 Set up a supplier monitoring system

Please ensure you have an efficient administration system to keep track of the information of your products and ingredients.

Check and confirm with your supplier or manufacturer that all ingredients are palm oil free and palm derivatives free along with the legitimacy of the documents they are providing you.

To ensure continuity of palm oil free supply, we also need to see a policy and agreement between your manufacturer and/or supplier and your brand to guarantee that whenever there is a change in the ingredients or supplier, they will notify you that the ingredients used in creating your product remain palm oil free.

*Any new or modified products may be subject to a new Application Form and Application Fee.

A modified product is a previously approved Product that has undergone a change

(i). in ingredients
(ii). in ingredient supplier

(iii). altered or new packaging

The Applicant must immediately notify the Orangutan Alliance in writing of any of these changes, prior to the modified product being released for sale with an Orangutan Alliance Seal. A review fee may be applicable to new or modified Products. Lack of appropriate notice to the Orangutan Alliance may result in withdrawal to use the Orangutan Alliance Seal on the particular Product/s or on all approved Products.


Step 7 Submit your documents for review

  1. Gather relevant documentation from your supplier/manufacturer regarding palm free status
  2. Submit a copy of agreement or email between your manufacturer and ingredient suppliers regarding their commitment to notification of any changes to ingredient supplier or palm oil free status of your products.
  3. Provide us a clear description on your system as to how you monitor your supplier/manufacturer if there are any changes in the ingredients
  4. Submit the applications via email (please don’t post it)
  5. Orangutan Alliance certification is valid for one year.

Please allow us 4 to 6 weeks to review your application.  The time it takes to review applications is generally influenced at how quickly documentation can be confirmed or is submitted, in some cases it may take longer than this period.



How long will the certification progress take?

We will get back to you within two weeks of receiving your enquiry regarding documents we may require. Most of the time, the timeframe is dependent on how long it will take for us to receive your information and the number of products you have submitted.

How much does certification cost?

Our Palm Oil free certification fee depends on a number factors including

  • The number of products you would like certified
  • Your turnover
  • If you have been referred or certified by one of our partner organisations.

What are the benefits to certification?

There are several benefits to certification as follows.

  • Easy to identify palm oil free seal
  • Instant shelf recognition
  • Meet increasing demand from consumers seeking free from products
  • Third party verification and evaluation of your product
  • Brand promotion through our website and partner channels
  • Marketing promotional opportunities in relevant campaigns throughout the year
  • Marketing insight regarding consumers in this category

The above are only some of the benefits available. Another important aspect is that Orangutan Alliance through its certification program will donate its profits to conservation projects. The more brands that support this program, the more projects we can support.

Do you certify other brands that may other products that have palm oil in it?

Orangutan Alliance certification is based on individual products submitted. Orangutan Alliance acknowledges that from time to time there are some manufacturers who have the best intentions in making products palm oil free but have encountered difficulty in sourcing palm oil free alternative or fully traceable ingredients, but have managed to develop part of their range to be palm oil free. We do not exclude these businesses from applying for certification on a product by product basis and encourage the industry to resolve this issue.

Got another question?

Contact us
  • 1
    Apply for certification

    Find all the details on certification below. Feel free to contact us for any further informaiton, we are here to help! Find the contact form at the bottom of this page to apply.

  • 2
    Await approval

    We will check your declarations, to make 100% sure all products submitted are free of palm oil and palm oil derivatives. We are here to help you every step of the way to make this process as easy as possible for you.

  • 3
    Confirmation of approval

    Receive you certificate and Orangutan Alliance logos and style guide.

  • 4
    Benefit from eco-concious certification.

    With your new certification you can now promote your palm free claims while having more of a positive impact on the world.

Apply for certification

Congratulations on your interest to become a certified partner and for taking the first step in the certification journey.

To begin the process and to apply, get a quote or enquire about the Orangutan Alliance Palm Oil Free Certification, please fill in the information below as accurately as possible.

What are our certified brands saying?

``Our business was created to provide a completely palm oil free range, and so palm oil free certification is key for validation of our brand. We have found Orangutan Alliance to
be rigorous and transparent in their palm oil-free certification process.

We appreciate their important work in raising awareness about the environmental significance of choosing palm oil free certified products. Orangutan Alliance actively supports our brand by generously providing us with exciting unique promotional opportunities. These opportunities have been really valuable for connecting with
aligned businesses and for extending our reach.``

Maretta Mann

Two-Winged Fruit, Australia

“Since we’ve partnered with Orangutan Alliance last year, it has opened more doors
for our brand in terms of new distribution, promotions and consumer reach locally
and internationally. Our palm oil-free certification has built a higher level of trust for us as a brand, and we believe it's a more enhanced version of cruelty-free.”

Spencer Angeltvedt

LOA, Canada

“The Orangutan Alliance team has provided our business with an incredible level of support and guidance through the certification process. Their certification method was extremely thorough. Their extended co-marketing support is also an added benefit of choosing to certify our products with them.”

Trudi Jaye

Retreatment Botanics, Australia

Being 100% palm oil-free has always been the absolute ethical bedrock of Bloomtown.

Besides the honour of being able to say that we're the UK's first certified palm oil-free company, we also love being able to give back and provide our customers assurance that there are no nasty palm-derived ingredients hiding in our ingredients labels, as this is a real problem in the beauty industry.

Customers are demanding ethically sourced ingredients and transparency, and Orangutan Alliance palm oil-free certification has allowed us to deliver both. Our business has grown exponentially since received full certification, with a growth of 33% on our website orders and 45% on our trade orders and the the sky's the limit! Thankyou Orangutan Alliance.

Preyanka Clarke-Prakash

Bloomtown, UK