Meet our Ambassadors

Jim Nielsen

Educator and Author

Jim Nielsen is a High School Biology Teacher with a Bachelors in Animal Science and a Masters in Education. He lives with his eco-conscious wife and 2 kids in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. His passion for nature and biodiversity not only shapes the curriculum in his classroom, but also his lifestyle as an avid environmentalist. He has created multiple campaigns in his school and community to bring awareness to deforestation due to palm oil as well as the devastating effects of single-use plastic in our oceans.

Just recently, his passion for the environment and sustainability, as well as his love for sharing this passion, drove him to write his first children’s book. His hope is that his book, “Orange and Ivy Save the Rainforest”, brings awareness to the destructive use of palm oil in consumer products. But more importantly, the book inspires kids to never doubt that one person can make a big difference in this world! You protect what you love, and showing young kids how magical our wilderness is creates a life-long passion to preserve it!

Jayaprakash Joghee Bojan

Nature and wildlife photgrapher

Jayaprakash is a National Geographic Award winning nature photographer who captured the winning National Geographic Photo of the Year image of an Orangutan crossing a river.

After having worked with the big corporates for several years he decided to quit and pursue his passion for nature photography, travel and wildlife conservation. He likes to create awareness through his story telling images. His pictures have been featured in several publications including National Geographic and others internationally. He has also been featured in BBC world news about his passion for conservation photography and stories around his award wining picture.

Pili and Dano

Travel Photographers and Instagram Influencers

Pili and Dano are a travel couple looking to leave a positive footprint and inspire others to do the same. Going around the world changed it all. Being able to see first hand the environmental impact modern societies have made them find a true purpose. Collecting trash in every adventure, reducing massively their plastic consumption, becoming fully plant-based and ethical consumers seems right but still not enough. Pili and Dano decided to use their voice to raise awareness and help those with no voice. ‘We can’t keep hoping or expecting others to act. We must act ourselves. Every little change starts within ourselves and only then, together we can make the big change’.

Deya Ward

Zoologist and wildlife filmmaker

Deya is a zoologist and wildlife filmmaker. She has worked on projects as part of her masters in partnership with the BBC.  She is passionate about science communication – and uses her experience as a focus for her talks in schools across the UK. She has also been involved with various groups including Ape Alliance, Roots and Shoots, Action for Conservation, Orangutan Foundation International and Wilderland Film Festival. Using public speaking, her language skills in Bahasa Indonesia and interests in art and filming, Deya is driven to creatively educate about Orangutans, the conservation of their habitat and the impact of non-sustainable palm oil.

Blane Edwards

Content Creator and Digital Conservationist

Blane is an Architect, Content Creator, and Digital Conservationist. After completing his Bachelor of Environmental Design and Masters of Architecture at the University of Western Australia, he sought to find a career that combined his love for creativity and innovation, with wildlife conservation. This resulted in him creating Earth Offline – a conservation project which leverages content creation, digital marketing and community growth to amplify conservation. He hosts two environmental podcasts with the collective purpose to raise awareness for various environmental issues, foster collaboration and ultimately inspire conservation action! Check out the new Eco Impacters podcast hosted by Blane, interviewing changemakers with Orangutan Alliance.


Youth Ambassador

Jack is a ten year old boy who loves to travel and explore the world with his family. When he was eight, he learned about palm oil and the devastating effects that it has on the habitat of orangutans and the other species affected by deforestation. From that moment on, he has become a voice for the fellow red-headed orangutans, spreading awareness and educating children and adults alike. Jack loves to present at schools, zoos and museums throughout the United States, helping to spread the word about his favorite animals and educating people about palm oil. Also, Jack has a YouTube channel, Kid Conservationist, where he interviews experts in their field and then creates fun, educational videos about conservation efforts and what kids can do to help. His goal is to get orangutans OFF the endangered species list.

Dr Joanna McMillan

Presentor and nutrionist

Joanna is one of Australia’s favourite nutrition and healthy lifestyle experts. She is an international speaker and a regular on Australian television and radio. She has authored 6 books, including her latest Get Lean Stay Lean, has a weekly column in Sunday Life and runs an online lifestyle change program Get Lean. She is also a lover of all creatures great and small and a proud ambassador for The Orangutan Alliance.

Roxy Rogan

Founder of Wild Education

Driven by the urge of helping our environment, Roxy Rogan founded WILD EDUCATION, a conservation education business dedicated to reconnecting people with nature and educating them on how to protect and contribute positively to our environment.

Former research assistant with African Impact, motivational speaker and explorer, Roxy is passionate about all things wild. Determined to raise awareness about environmental threats in a creative and engaging manner, WILD produced the short form documentary, ‘Person Of The Forest’ which follows Roxy into the Bornean jungle as she discovers the Orangutans and their threats.
Conservation education is a vital component in helping our environment thrive and the first steps to solving so many world problems, Roxy aims to achieve this through educating, empowering and helping others explore the natural world.

Emma Hakansson

Model and Activist

Emma Hakansson is a vegan animal activist and rescuer, and a committed environmentalist, working to make the world more ethical and sustainable. Working as a model, she hopes to help create a greener, and kinder world of fashion through creative, emotive and thought provoking advocacy.