What products contain palm oil?


Ice cream, cookies, quick meals, cakes, instant noodles, pet food and so on


Soaps, shampoo, conditioner, makeup, skincare, fragrence and so on

Household Cleaning

Detergents, dishwashing, laundry products and so on


A replacement for traditional fuels with those made from plant material or other feedstocks

Palm oil is estimated to make up about 50% of household products.

Palm oil is highly abundant in the global marketplace. Three-quarters of total palm oil produced is used for food, particularly cooking oil and processed oils and fats. It is also used in cosmetics, cleaning products and biofuel. It is estimate that only 20% of palm oil produced is sustainable palm oil while 80% remains as unsustainable (ICUN).

In 2017, palm oil made up about a third of all vegetable oil consumed worldwide

It is used in food, cosmetics, cleaning products and fuel.