About Us

The Orangutan Alliance Organisation (OA) is an independent industry-based, non-profit organisation and registered charity promoting the reduction of non-sustainable palm oil in consumer products through our palm oil certification program and development of alternatives. Orangutan Alliance bridges the gap between brands and manufacturers, consumers and not-for-profits, proactively discussing innovation of alternatives.

Buying certified palm oil free products is a direct investment in the future of our planet and supports endangered species such as orangutans who are affected by deforestation as a result of non-sustainable palm oil production.

Through our Alliance Partners, the Orangutan Alliance provides support for reforestation, orangutan rescue, and other meaningful projects that counteract the devastation caused by non-sustainable palm oil production.

Our Partners

We believe in prevention and cure - that’s why we are actively developing relationships with Alliance Partners and NGO’s who carry out grassroots rehabilitation and reforestation work to restore rainforest habitat.

As the Orangutan Alliance is a not-for-profit organisation, profit from our No Palm Oil Certification Program will go towards our Orangutan Alliance Grants Program to assist our selected partners.