Want to get certified

palm oil free?

As a manufacturer, there are many benefits to certification.  The PALM OIL FREE SEAL is a recognized logo for those looking for palm oil free products. This symbol represents a sign of trust and care. 

Our aim is to support the success of manufacturers and brands that do not use non-sustainable palm oil. When you use the Orangutan Alliance PALM OIL FREE SEAL, you tap into thousands of consumers already looking for labelling choice. 

We are driving international consumer awareness, demand and industry partnerships to grow the market for products created with care.

For more information regarding the Certification Program, please refer to our Certification Brochure and Certification Information Pack.

Benefits to certification

  • Elevate brand loyalty and consumer confidence
  • Instant shelf recognition
  • Brand building and securing repeat purchase
  • Meet increasing demand from consumers seeking free from products.
  • New market opportunities through Orangutan Alliance industry programs.
  • Show your company’s commitment to transparency
  • Third party verification and evaluation of your product
  • Show your support for the environment and endangered species
  • Licence to use our seal of approval and marketing endorsement through our website, media releases, and product displays at Trade Shows.
  • Lead the movement in your category

The ORANGUTAN ALLIANCE PALM OIL FREE certification has the following general criteria. Please refer to our information brochure for more details.


Food and product manufacturers must meet strict standards and guidelines to prove their products contain no palm oil or no palm oil derivatives.




 Products may be independently analysed by approved third party organisations




 When requesting the Palm Oil Free Seal, the product must be tested individually and not at company level.



Should a product fail to meet our standards, it will no longer be eligible to receive the Orangutan Alliance Palm Oil Free Seal



The licensor is satisfied that the applicant's proposed product will not mislead or deceive the public.



 The logo can be randomly audited at any time to ensure the approved products continue to maintain the accreditation to use the logo. At any stage this changes, the Palm Oil Free Seal can no longer be used.