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If you're a skilled writer who's passionate about the environment, animals and the ongoing Palm Oil crisis we would love to consider your pitches and Palm Oil Free recipes.
Please email MARKETING AT ORANGUTAN ALLIANCE DOT ORG with your pitch or fully-written article/recipe and consider the guidelines below. 

Please send us:

  • Your name
  • Examples of other work & experience and/or your website
  • Phone number
  • Country you're located in


  • We do accept short, concise pitches for articles
  • Article ideas can be: recipes, green/cruelty-free beauty, conscious consumption, education on the palm oil conflict and what a reader can do to take action, and anything else you may think of.
  • Please send finalised pieces, not rough drafts.
  • All articles must be exclusively submitted for use only on Orangutan Alliance and cannot be republished on third-party sites.
  • The suggested length for articles is between 300-500 words.
  • Articles should be easy to read, engaging and informational and aim to give the reader value. 
  • Please list all original sources or references.
  • We highly recommend you provide photos with your submission (permission must be obtained from original source). 
  • If you have been compensated by any brand/company that is referenced in your submission, you need to clearly disclose this information to us.
  • We reserve the right to reject submissions.
  • Article will be reviewed and may be edited to comply with our guidelines prior or after publication.