World Rainforests Day

Today is International Rainforest Day. The day was coined in 2017 to recognise our healthy forests as one of the most powerful and cost-effective climate change mitigation tools we have. The day also spreads education and awareness as to how to protect and restore our rainforests. 

To celebrate today, we have released a collaboration with Seed & Sprout Co. They have their soap bar range certified palm oil free with Orangutan Alliance program

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“The rainforests are keeping our planet alive. They’re home to half the world’s animal species, they provide us with freshwater, and are essential for keeping our climate stable. Yet every second, one and a half hectares is lost, while each year, 78 million hectares of precious rainforest are destroyed. That’s why World Rainforest Day has been created to take decisive action to combat deforestation, reduce the effects of climate change, and protect our rainforests for future generations.” (Source: Spirit of the Holidays)

Do your part to help save the rainforest and its plethora of precious wildlife and biodiversity.

How can you do this?

Here’s a few tips for not only rainforest-friendly living, but overall eco-friendly living:

♻️Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

🦧Reduce your usage of conflict palm oil, and purchase palm oil free 

🌱eat less meat and more plants to help reduce your carbon foot print 

🧠Educate yourself and those you love about the crisis facing our earth

Image by Spencer Watson

Let’s be part of the generation that ends deforestation. Join our movement here.

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