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If you want to get an amazing experience while discouraging the destruction of rainforests and the orangutans which reside within them, volunteering is perhaps the best approach you can take. There are opportunities to travel abroad or you can volunteer locally. Both options have opportunities where you can learn all about the projects and organisations that are there to protect orangutans and the rainforest.

While we do not endorse any of the following companies, we have provided a list of website links, which lead directly to the organisations information pages, and here you can find out more.


The Orangutan Project

The orangutan project inspires people to join or put together a group of likeminded people who all want to help save orangutans. You can volunteer by selling snacks, helping at stalls, leading or joining existing teams in your area, helping with merchandise or arranging events. 100% of the donations collected for the Orangutan Project will directly support orangutan conservation projects.


Borneo Nature Foundation

Support orangutan conservation in Borneo and get back to nature with the Borneo Nature Foundation. No experience is needed the only requirement is that participants are passionate. Volunteers are based in the forest and jobs include: wildlife monitoring, surveying and forest restoration. Join them in the jungle!


Earth For Orangutans

Help out the Earth For Orangutans volunteer team and make an impact from home. This organisation offers volunteer opportunities for those that can provide graphic design work, plan fundraising events, or coordinate campaigns.


International Animal Rescue

International Animal Rescue aims to save animals all around the world. Participants get the chance to volunteer in west Kalimantan at the orangutan sanctuary. Here they have an orangutan rescue project aimed to rehabilitate and release animals back into the wild.


Save the Orangutan

Save the orangutan offers volunteer opportunities which last approximately 2 weeks in a rehabilitation centre for both orangutans and bears. Volunteers play an important role in improving the life of the animals that cannot be released back into the wild. Through this enrichment program orangutans learn to find food, use tools and other skills, which they will need to survive in the wild.

Raw Wildlife

Raw Wildlife offers volunteering opportunities to work with orangutans and pygmy elephants. You can work at the aid centre by improving husbandry standards, providing enrichment for the orangutans and assisting with construction tasks. Volunteers can contribute to efforts being made at the Matange wildlife centre. Alternatively volunteers can help the pygmy elephants by roaming through the rainforests of Sabah where they monitor wildlife and observe what efforts that are being made to encourage reforestation.

Orangutan Foundation UK

Orangutan Foundation provides opportunities for volunteers from all over the world to work abroad in an orangutan care centre, or for those that like to get their hands dirty, there are also positions in the orangutan foundation construction program. The construction program encourages volunteers to head over to Borneo and to build natural habitats where refuge orangutans can flourish. For example volunteers could build a jungle gym or a bridge, both of which are ideal places where orangutans can swing and climb.

Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia

Working with BOS is a priceless, unforgettable opportunity for volunteersto make a practical difference for orangutans. Based in the Samboja Lodge, Borneo, volunteers get to work with a team of likeminded individuals where they help support the orangutan enrichment program.