Reforestation in the Leuser Ecosystem

Help us restore rainforests for orangutans!

Our partners, the Orangutan Information Centre have been restoring forest on degraded land in the Leuser Ecosystem since 2008, concentrating on High Conservation Value areas that have been illegally cleared. Each hectare of degraded land is planted with approximately 1,100 seedlings of 20-30 different tree species – all food and habitat for orangutans!

So far, and with full support from local communities and authorities, they have reclaimed, restored and replanted more than 800 hectares of critical rainforest – but they have thousands of hectares to go – and they need your help!

We have launched a limited edition Orangutan Alliance soap. Every soap you purchase will help to directly fund this game-changing work, replanting and restoring native habitat in the Leuser Ecosystem, and helping to safeguard and protect it for the decades to come. Find out more on this reforestation campaign and purchase soap here.

This project has created a significant shift in the mindset of the local community in understanding the need to sustain and protect native forests from illegal encroachment. Local people participate in useful training and capacity-building exercises to support the restoration work, including tree nursery development, planting and long term maintenance.

As well as restoring degraded tracts of rainforest, local communities have welcomed the restoration of the local water table and stronger resilience to drought, which had been previously lost to forest clearing and monoculture agricultural development.

This is part of a wider, complex project involving sustainable community economic initiatives, monitoring and patrols, human/wildlife conflict mitigation and the reclaiming and removing illegal plantations.

You can help by donating or purcahsing our limtied edition soap.

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