Eco Impacter

Aaron Gekoski

Aaron Gekoski is an internationally-acclaimed environmental photojournalist, film-maker and TV host, specialising in human-animal conflict. His photography regularly appears in the international press. He has won numerous awards, including Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Nature Photographer of the Year.

You may know him from the documentary Eyes of the Orangutan. His aim is to make conservation accessible to all through entertaining and educational content.

Aaron, Amy and Blane share an hour conversation about palm oil, orangutans, the illegal wildlife trade, climate grief, and how photojournalism can educate and empower consumers.

Learn more about Aaron and his projects here:

Eco-Impacters Podcasts

Orangutan Alliance is collaborating with Blane Edwards from @earth.offline to launch a new podcast series called Eco Impacters

The podcasts are going to feature the latest people and businesses having an impact in preserving and protecting the natural environment.