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Where to shop palm oil free

More and more consumers are looking for products that are palm oil free.  While we do not endorse any particular retailer, we have listed a guide below.



Biome is a shop, which advocates sustainable and ethical buying decisions. They support hundreds of environmental initiatives and actively raise awareness for environmental issues. All products in their store are cruelty free as the products predominantly contain no palm oil, no plastic, and no animal products. Biome have strict product standard, which means no toxins are used, there is minimal waste, and all products are ethically and sustainably sourced. BIOME does a lot to ensure these standards are met, including:

·         Carefully researching their product suppliers to verify that each supplier is not using unfair practices on humans or wildlife, in the manufacturing of their products.

·         Taking the time to find the whole story behind the products they sell, and the people who made the product, so that consumers can buy products in the knowledge that the products are sustainably sourced and cruelty free.

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Palm Oil Investigations (POI):

POI is a not-for-profit organisation on a mission to help protect wildlife, particularly the orangutan. POI strives to raise awareness of the palm oil issues by educating people about the resource. They deliver helpful tips, tricks and products, to help people steer away from palm oil. The companies main objectives include:

·         Educating consumers on how to identify unsustainable palm oil products.

·         Investigating and exposing products which hide palm oil as an ingredient.

·         Campaigning for clear labelling of all vegetable oils.

·         Help brands through educating them on how to check palm oil certification status of their palm oil suppliers. POI directs companies towards sustainable suppliers, and supports those companies that use sustainably produced palm oil.

To visit their website follow the link below:


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