Our Mission

We strive for the protection of endangered species and their habitats through advocating for the surrender of ecologically damaging products to sustainable alternatives.

Our certification gives consumers an transparent, ethical option. Every purchase is a vote for the world you want to see.

At Orangutan Alliance, we provide consumers with transparent labelling to raise awareness for the alarming ethical and environmental issues that is directly linked to unsustainable palm oil production. By promoting alternatives to palm oil, we will decrease the demand which will lead to decrease of supply.

Through our palm oil free certification program, consumers can make an informed choice when they shop.

We work with partners on the front line to support their important conservation work.

Together with our partners, we provide ongoing conservation support for areas affected by the non-sustainable palm oil industry, including support for:
Reforestation and Restoration projects
Orangutan rescue rehabilitation and release
Local community projects

We support manufactures in the change to palm oil free, eco conscious trends

We create strong industry partnerships which enable new market opportunities for both the manufacturers and clients we certify. We provide product benefit and brand benefit from our palm oil free certification as well as on going manufacturer promotion and support from Orangutan Alliance.

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The podcasts feature the latest people and businesses having an impact in preserving and protecting the natural environment.