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What was your first ever memory of Olivia Newton-John? It seems we all have one! Mine was typical: watching her play Sandy, the square girl-next-door (who of course goes ‘bad’ in the end) in the movie Grease. For others, it may have been hearing her song ‘Physical’, or maybe seeing her in the film Xanadu. She may be of the most famous people on the planet, but there’s still a lot the average person doesn’t know about Olivia Newton-John.


Who are the Orangutan Alliance & Why Does Palm Oil Matter?

We believe in prevention and cure, that’s why we actively develop relationships with alliance partners including manufacturers regarding new research into this issue, as well as those who carry out grassroots rehabilitation and reforestation work to restore rainforest habitat


Why We Need PALM OIL FREE Certification

It's no surprise that a recent Mintel Global Food Trends report showed clearly that more and more shoppers are looking for full disclosure when it comes to their everyday purchases.  


Nick Xenophon calls for mandatory palm oil labelling

Nick Xenophon has called for the government to take urgent action in mandating palm oil labelling in Australia.


Here's why you really need to start paying attention to palm oil

This controversial ingredient is devastating the environment. It seems like everyone is talking about palm oil right now. But what’s all the fuss about?


Xenophon calls for palm oil labelling

Mr Xenophon, who is standing in the South Australian election in March, says palm oil is not only a health risk, but is devastating for the planet and fatal for orangutans.


Why is palm oil bad?

Palm oil has a bad rap, but is its reputation deserved? Learn about its environmental impact, as well as how to identify palm oil products at the supermarket.


Orangutan Alliance launch palm oil free certification programme

Maria Abadilla, Founder of Orangutan Alliance, introduces the new certification programme that will help consumers easily identify products that are palm oil free.


Olivia Newton-John Rolls Out Botanical Skin Care

Everyone’s favorite Aussie actress Olivia Newton-John has thrown her hat into the beauty business with the launch of an all-natural, luxury skin care collection, Retreatment Botanics. The new range has also been certified by international palm oil free certification body Orangutan Alliance


New palm oil free certification program launched in Melbourne

A new ‘no palm oil’ certification
program has been launched by
The Orangutan Alliance.


Palm oil certification program launches

Nuttvia and Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies have signed onto a new international no palm oil certification program that’s looking to establish supply-chain consciousness in the Aussie market.


Conscious consumers demand ‘products created with care’

To coincide with International Orangutan Day earlier this month, the Orangutan Alliance, a not for profit organisation, announced it had completed new
research showing the emergence of
‘conscious consumer’.