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If you want to know what you can do to discourage the destruction of rainforests and the orangutans which reside within them, volunteering is perhaps the best approach you can take. There are opportunities to travel abroad or you can volunteer locally, where you can find out all about the projects and organisations that are there to protect orangutans and the rainforest.

While we do not endorse any of the following companies, we have provided a list of website links, which lead directly to the organisations information pages, and here you can find out more.


The Orangutan Project

The orangutan project inspires people to join or put together a group of like minded people who all want to help save orangutans. You can volunteer by selling snacks, helping at stalls, leading or joining existing teams in your area, helping with merchandise or arranging events. 100% of the donations collected for the Orangutan Project will directly support orangutan conservation projects.


Borneo Nature Foundation

Support orangutan conservation in Borneo and get back to nature with the Borneo Nature Foundation. No experience is needed the only requirement is that participants are passionate. Volunteers are based in the forest and jobs include: wildlife monitoring, surveying and forest restoration. Join them in the jungle!


Earth For Orangutans

Help out the Earth For Orangutans volunteer team and make an impact from home. This organisation offers volunteer opportunities for those that can provide graphic design woRk, plan fundraising events, or coordinate campaigns.