Meet our latest adopted orangutans 2021

Every year, together with Orangutan Foundation International, Orangutan Alliance has been able to foster a number of Orangutans. This sponsorship helps provide many of the orphaned orangutans with the care and safety they require.

Fortunately, this year Orangutan Alliance has sponsored another 5 orangutans, during our #MyStepToProtect campaign, which includes life-saving support to all of the many orphaned orangutans under care at the OFI Care Centre and Quarantine in Central Kalimantan, Borneo.

Scroll down to meet the newest and familiar faces of the Orangutan Alliance family!


Inquisitive by nature, this handsome orangutan is always calm and moves around with a deliberate and determined manner, charming anyone lucky enough to meet him. Along with his best friend Valentino, he moved to a new camp to start the next stage in his rehabilitation.

Tommy has grown into a curious and good natured orangutan who loves being in the heart of the action as well as having a good time with his orangutan friends, sometimes causing a little havoc which is great fun for Tommy and his playmates. If not with his friends, Tommy is exploring the forest and practising the skills that will benefit him for his future in the wild. Even though he is a little shy around unfamiliar humans, this is positive behaviour and will help Tommy in the future, as humans are the orangutan's main threat in the wild.


The end of 2019 closed the door on one year but saw OFI’s Orangutan Care Centre and Quarantine (OCCQ) in Central Borneo opened its doors to a new arrival. Meet Crystal, an orphaned female orangutan who was rescued and brought to the Care Centre when she was barely one year old.

After undergoing the mandatory quarantine, little Crystal went straight to Camp Danielle, the infant facility. As each orangutan infant requires at least one surrogate mother, Crystal’s is Ibu Eteng. Crystal spends some time during the day exploring the learning forest, accompanied by her surrogate mother, Ibu Eteng to whom she is very attached to as Crystal is still young and vulnerable, and needs all the attention and care possible. With the help and support of her caregivers and foster parent’s donations, Crystal is sure to grow up into a healthy orangutan who will one day climb happily through those forest canopies.


At only 4 years of age, little Amelia was brought into the Orangutan Care Centre and Quarantine in 2018. She was found abandoned and orphaned in the middle of a recently clear-cut piece of land in the Lamandau region of Central Kalimantan.

Upon her arrival to the OFI, little Amelia was sadly found in a bad condition due to being in human captivity for an unknown period of time. At first it took time for her to open up, but as time went on, Amelia started settling in better at Camp Danielle's. Even though still a little lone-wolf, Amelia shows clear confidence in her climbing abilities and her self-sufficient personality. With time, patience, and at her own pace, little Amelia will surely be confident enough to branch out even further into the learning forest.


Little Carmen who captures the eyes of anyone that sets eyes on her, was tiny when she first arrived at the Care Centre in 2014, after she was confiscated by local Forestry officers.

This well-behaved little orangutan is known by OFI staff for being calm and patient. Shy with unfamiliar faces but will be your best friend and trust you if she gets to know you. Little Carmen is a joy to see around the forest, always exploring with those bright eyes and positive personality. As independent as can be, Carmen returns unescorted to her sleeping enclosure and will gladly lead the way at the head of the pack after a long day at forest school.


Throughout his first weeks at the care centre, the medical team and caregivers worked endlessly to help little Jeffrey get the help he desperately needed. After some time, he started showing signs of improvement and picking up weight. 4 years later, Jeffrey Junior is now a very brave and affectionate orangutan who despite being considered an infant, seems more mature than his age. Jeffrey shows his appreciation to the caregivers through affection, by which he hugs or kisses them to thank them for what they have offered. The surrogate mothers at Camp Danielle's and the caregivers keep him in sight to ensure that Jeffrey is safe and looked after.

Your generous donations allow us to continue supporting the fostering of these orangutans, as well as contributing funds to other conservation projects and rescue groups.

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