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 Grant Program Outline

We recognise that Orangutans are an umbrella species and essential to their habitat: unique in its extensive biodiversity and critical for local communities, who are as dependent on the forest as the Orangutans.

Funding under the Orangutan Alliance Grant Program (OAGP)  will be targeted to the following categories. OAGP also invites applications from umbrella groups and charities who support more than one project:

  • Conservation projects

  • Reforestation projects

  • Research projects

  • New Technology

  • Awareness projects





OAGP cannot be the sole funder of programs or services. OAGP funding acts as a contribution only to the running of
programs or services.

Organisations will be limited to one application per funding year, with the exception of auspicing organisations which can submit more than one application, but only one application for their own organisation.


Who can apply? 


Applicants will be eligible for funding if they: 

  • Are not-for-profit organisations who are doing conservation work or promoting awareness for Orangutans and endangered species, as well as reforestation support in areas affected by non-sustainable palm oil production.

  • Are an incorporated legal entity or auspiced by an incorporated legal entity;

  • Are able to demonstrate financial viability;

  • Have met acquittal conditions for previous funding (where required)

  • Have met criteria outlined in the OAGP Grant Guidelines


Who cannot apply?


  • For profit companies, trusts or other organisations;

  • Government agencies or departments of local, state or federal government and statutory authorities;

  • Organisations who have not acquitted previous funding (where it was required).

  • Political Parties

What sorts of projects are eligible for funding?


Projects or activities eligible for funding should be aimed primarily at achieving practical and tangible outcomes which counter the negative impacts of non sustainable palm oil production. 

These include reforestation, Orangutan rescue; endangered species protection; campaign or development of new technology, and awareness programs.

The focus should be on activities that have a direct impact on the long-term survival of Orangutans and other endangered species as well as the high value forest conservation affected by non-sustainable Palm Oil Production.

Incomplete applications will not be eligible for funding.


What sorts of projects are NOT eligible for funding?


  • Payment of ongoing staff salaries of core organisational staff.

  • Grants programs run by other governments or organisations

  • Micro-credit schemes or any other project that involves return of money or loans for cash

  • Administrative costs not directly related to project implementation

  • Purchase of vehicles. purchase or rental of property or land

  • Routine, recurring and/or running costs including: office rent, electricity, water, phone,
    internet, routine maintenance and repairs (including of equipment such as photocopiers, computers, stoves, fridges etc.) and office or equipment insurance; or

  • Commercial ventures.

  • Programs promoting religion or political parties

  • Costs incurred prior to the grant payment

  • Projects already funded by another umbrella organisation who have already received or applied for funds for the same project.


Program Details

Applications will be considered if they meet one or more of the OAGP’s goals affected by non sustainable palm oil production:

  • Protection of orangutans and other endangered species

  • Protection of the high value forest, peatlands and natural environment

  • Protection of biodiversity generally

  • Awareness campaigns and education initiatives

  • New technology or alternative sustainable ingredient substitutes

The grant will be broken down in the following key categories

  1. Auspicing Organisations (organisations that provide support for more than 3 projects)

  2. Individual Projects

OAGPC cannot guarantee that every proposal will be funded or that organisations will receive the full amount requested. In some instances, part-funding may be offered.


Applications for all community grants program categories must be submitted online through SmartyGrants. Online application timelines will be announced on this website when available and through our grants partners. Links to submit an application and Grant Program Guideline will also be provided. Orangutan Alliance also reserves the right to provide donations to related causes outside the grants program.