global brands join palm oil free movement with Orangutan Alliance

In the dawn of Iceland Foods UK going palm oil free, bath and beauty brand Lush buying land to save endangered species, a new movement into palm oil-free gains momentum and for important reasons. 

UK body & skincare company Bloomtown, who won the Best Brand award at FreeFrom Skincare Awards last year, joins other international brands to be certified palm oil free by Orangutan AllianceThey join Canadian beauty brand LOAand Nuttviabrand Hazelnut Spread (distributed in Australia and NZ as well as Europe and Asia) to get behind Orangutan Alliance’s international palm oil-free certification amongst other well-known brands.

Launched in 2017, Orangutan Alliance International Palm Oil-Free Certification team comprised of qualified food, beauty, product development and sustainability experts from Australasia, Europe and the Americas who wanted to assist through consumer choice on the issue of conflict palm oil. Orangutan Alliance, a registered charity, advocates for consumer choice as well as supports grassroots conservation and forest protection projects affected by conflict palm oil, though profits from their certification program.

“Our team has developed an easy to recognise, clear international palm oil free logo and labelling style guide that can be easily applied for food, household and beauty products for the industry to adopt so that consumers can easily identify if the product is palm oil free”. said Maria Abadilla Founder and Chairperson of Orangutan Alliance

“Consumers are now wanting full disclosure in their food beyond allergen declarations for environmental to ethical reasons and we are here to provide that choice.” said Abadilla

“There needs to be new ingredient solutions coming from the industry including new options, not requiring so much land associated with deforestation.” said Abadilla

Bloomtown, Orangutan Alliance’s first UK palm oil free certified brand, was launched in April 2016 by husband and wife co-founders Medwin Culmer and Preyanka Clark Prakash and boasts stellar ethical accreditations from The Ethical Company Organisation and The Good Shopping Guide.

“My husband and I launched Bloomtown Ltd out of our kitchen in 2016 after spending 2 years in Indonesia and seeing a real need for palm oil-free options in the beauty industry. said Clark Prakash

Spencer Angeltvedt from Loa Skin said “The food and personal care industries need an ingredient revolution. Orangutan Alliance is playing an active part in this, by creating a palm oil-free certification system that is absolutely necessary for consumer awareness. The founder, Maria, genuinely cares deeply about orangutans and the rainforests in which they live. I will always support them.”

 Nuttvia Hazelnut Spread Founder Mark Hanna said “We listened to consumers and created a great tasting product that offers them an alternative that is palm oil free and had less sugar”

Maria Abadilla adds:

Abadilla adds“If demand is where change starts, then it’s up to consumers to change the way they buy and vote to promote transparency in the industry. They should also consider supporting the amazing work that so many NGO’s are doing on the ground while we work for change to occur”.

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