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Full disclosure on food and cosmetic labels is a growing trend that is here to stay.

Internationally, consumers are looking for transparency in the supply chain not just for health and safety reasons but also for ethical and environmental reasons.

We looked at the issue of non-sustainable palm oil and like many of you understood it was a very complex issue.

Although complex,  it is also an ecological emergency which needed different solutions.

As current professional members of the food, agriculture and cosmetic industries, we thought that we had a role to play, starting with the basic causes - demand, consumer awareness and choice.

This is why we created our certification program for palm oil free products.

Through our research, we found that while price and quality still play a part in purchase decisions, trust is also fast becoming a big part of that equation.  

A growing number of consumers are ready to vote for products they can trust with their dollars, if given the choice. This trend is echoed in other international food trend (2018 Mintel International Food and Beauty Trends) reports regarding consumers wanting full disclosure when it comes to their purchase.

At Orangutan Alliance, we are here to support consumer choice with our palm oil free certification so that our planet and endangered species have a chance of survival. 

Our palm oil free certification is committed to delivering integrity and market opportunities for the brands we work with, and contribution to our conservation and alliance partners through our give back programs.   

We are committed to developing relationships with international organisations and technical specialists to advocate, research and support market access, for brands creating products for a better world .... so that you can be part of the solution with your purchase choice.


Maria Abadilla

Chairperson, Orangutan Alliance