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There are countless fun ideas that could raise funds for the endangered orangutans in Sumatra and Indonesia. Using your unique talents, you could raise money through innovative fundraising from setting up a stall to a fun run! Be creative and have fun to raise money for a good cause. You can donate to us or to one of the many other organisations that are on a mission to protect wildlife and tropical rainforests some examples of companies are below, please visit their website to find out more.


orangutan information centre

Orangutan Information Centre (YOSL-OIC) is dedicated to the conservation of the endemic, critically endangered Sumatran orangutans and their forest homes. They take action through five main directions:

  • Rescuing Orangutans, rehabilitating and releasing them back into the wild

  • Restoring forests

  • Helping communities

  • talking forest crime

  • Research and survey


Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme

The Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) is the only project actively establishing entirely new, genetically viable and self-sustaining wild populations of any great ape species, anywhere in the world. Their vision is of a world where orangutans within the Sumatran rainforest live in a habitat that is both safe and thriving. Your support to the SOCP will fund their work including:

·         Rescuing, rehabilitating, and reintroducing orangutans that are illegally kept as pets, back into the wild.

·         Surveying and monitoring the reintroduced wild population.

·         Researching the behaviour and ecology of the orangutan.

·         Participating in habitat conservation.

·         Raising awareness about deforestation issues, and educating people about the behaviours of the orangutan.


Rainforest Action Network

Rainforest Action Network takes action against companies and industries that drive deforestation and climate change. They aim to preserve forests and natural habitats as well as protect and uphold basic human rights for palm oil workers by challenging corporate powers. Your donation will help RAN work towards their vision, which is: “a world where the rights and dignity of all communities are respected and where healthy forests, a stable climate and wild biodiversity are protected and celebrated.”


Orangutan Foundation International

This not-for-profit organisation is dedicated to the conservation of rainforest habitats and the orangutans, whether the creatures are captive, ex captive or wild. OFI strive to save the orangutan from extinction by protecting their habitat and by rehabilitating and releasing captive orangutans back into the wild. OFI relies almost completely on donations, so your contribution will help them achieve their mission objectives, which include:

·         Creating awareness campaigns to educate the public.

·         Actively protecting wild orangutans and their rainforest habitat.

·         Rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing orangutans back into the wild.

·         Conducting research on orangutans, their behaviour and their ecology.

·         Promoting conservation of all endangered wildlife and habitats across Borneo and Sumatra.


Orangutan Outreach

Orangutan Outreach is a New York based not-for-profit organisation with a mission to save critically endangered orangutans by protecting their natural habitat from further deforestation. You can support Orangutan Outreach by purchasing a product from their shop, or by providing cash donations. Your support will ensure they can continue their work in protecting the rainforest.


The Orangutan Project

The Orangutan Project is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1998. Their mission is to ensure that endangered wild orangutans are protected against extinction so that they can continue to live in secure populations for generations to come. Tying funding into direct outcomes for the species has enabled The Orangutan Project to partner with many other orangutan conservation projects operating in both Borneo and Sumatra. You can support their mission through adopting an orangutan or by providing a one off donation. To adopt an orphaned orangutan your money will go directly towards supporting an orphan orangutan at various care centres that The Orangutan Project supports. You can also support them by giving a donation which will support:

·         Their dedicated rescue team.

·         The organisations rehabilitation program for infant and displaced orangutans.


Borneo Orangutan survival Australia

BOS Australia have been raising funds for orangutans since 2001 and are completely dependant on the support of the public to continue their work. Your support will help to:

·         Rescue, rehabilitate and reintroduce orangutans back into the wild.

·         Raise public awareness through education programs.

·         Protect existing rainforest habitats.

·         Support and educate those who depend on the rainforest to earn their living.


Orangutan Appeal UK

Orangutan Appeal UK is based in England. They are dedicated to the rehabilitation of orangutans and the protection of their rainforests. Orangutan Appeal UK aims to protect the remaining orangutan population through supporting and funding projects across Borneo, including the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. To show your support to Orangutan Appeal UK you can purchase merchandise, adopt or give a cash donation. This will support their projects, which include:

·         Habitat protection.

·         Community engagement projects.

·         Wildlife rescue units.

·         A vet program.

·         A firefighting project.

·         Clinical equipment.

·         Pre-release programs at Sepilok.


Orangutan Foundation UK

This UK based charity has developed a diverse range of projects to conserve the threatened orangutan and its habitat. The Orangutan Foundation UK continues to actively engage the public, worldwide media, corporate and governmental organisations. The organisations main objectives include:

·         Increasing the area of orangutan habitat under protection.

·         Rescuing, rehabilitating and then releasing orangutans and other wildlife back into the wild.

·         Safeguarding threatened orangutan habitats.

·         Conserving the largest population of orangutans outside protected areas.