Can small business have a big impact?

Author: Natalie Long
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We are seeing a change in society, individuals and groups from all over the world are prioritising ethical standards and it is being reflected through the way we all shop. There is a big push forward for trending moral brands and ethical consumption and brands are catching on. Manufacturers and brands have significant opportunity now, more than ever before to benefit from valuing ethical and moral standards. Every brand has an opportunity to join a movement and create change all over the globe. From environmental conservation and sustainability, to hunger, poverty, education (and the list goes on). Every product now has the potential to support a cause, to create a change, to start a movement. One product that stands out in supporting ethical movements is That Chocolate.

Emma Bailie , Founder of That Chocolate
Emma Bailie , Founder of That Chocolate

That Chocolate is a small business having a significant impact on social movement. By using a universally loved food Emma Bailie, founder of That Chocolate, has created a company that is helping the fight against global poverty by giving the everyday consumer the opportunity to impact those in need around the globe — simply by enjoying delicious chocolate. One bar for you = one meal for a child living in poverty.

That Chocolate creates vegan chocolate which is not only FREE from gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, refined sugar, palm oil, emulsifiers and GMO ingredients — it is also organic, raw, stone ground and hand made. Emma told us “We are on a mission to do something about global poverty and we believe the one-for-one social enterprise model is the best way to run the gauntlet of donor fatigue and the disconnect between the developed world and those that need our help. That’s why we give the everyday consumer the opportunity to impact those in need around the globe — simply by enjoying delicious chocolate.”

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Emma was inspired to start a social enterprise after volunteering in the Philippines in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan, a natural disaster in 2013 that saw 20,000 perish. After witnessing the impact food relief had on the affected communities she continued to raise funds for projects once she returned home. “That is why our first feeding projects are in the Philippines, the very place the seed was planted four years ago. We already have a fabulous network of friends on the ground in Tacloban and the framework is already in place. We love that we can be 110% confident that every dollar sent to our friends will go directly into hungry bellies —and none of it will be sucked up in admin fees or red tape.

Brands who are on the ethical compass are often eager to support more than one cause if possible. Having recognised the significant use of palm oil in packaged food, cleaning products and cosmetics and negative impacts the non-sustainable palm oil is having on the earth Emma decided go also make That Chocolate Palm oil free “This one ugly little ingredient is fooling Australians because many consumers do not understand the enormity of this product’s crimes in terms of environmental devastation and animal and human rights abuse. Palm oil is fooling us because even when we understand its horrific consequences for our world we are tricked into purchasing it when we think we are avoiding it.That Chocolate is  PROUDLY cruelty free and we consider palm oil to be one of the cruellest ingredients out there — for animals, for the environment AND for humans. It is SO IMPORTANT for Australian businesses to develop recipes that use alternatives and to support other businesses that do the same.“

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That movement acknowledges the incredible power every consumer has. Each consumer has purchase power and consequently has an impact on the world. Individuals are taking more responsibility for their actions and acknowledging they can create change with their purchases. “I believe this is happening because Australians are realising that politicians and big business cannot be relied upon to solve the problems we are facing — so we are taking matters into our own hands.”

Emma is an inspiration for other small businesses to do that same. “The more brands create a  business model around making a positive impact in the world, the more business that set this example, the more others will follow suit.” Development started when consumers started seeing little businesses like That Chocolate creating change and will demand it of big business. We see it happening already, imagine social impact they will have!

Save the Earth, it’s the only planet with chocolate!” Speaks for itself really 😉

You can find That Chocolates growing list of stockists on their website

They also ship from their online store to anywhere in Australia. 

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