An important collaboration giving consumers choice when it comes to conflict palm oil

Orangutan Alliance is excited to announce an important collaboration bringing even greater awareness to the issues of conflict palm oil, by offering palm oil free products that empowers consumers to be part of the solution.

Orangutan Alliance and Palm Oil Investigations are now partnering to provide a consolidated and reliable palm oil free certification and labelling program that clearly identifies consumer products that are palm oil free. 

Why Palm Oil Free?

Palm oil is used in more than half of everything on the shelf at your local supermarket. Shampoo, chocolate bars, ice cream, biscuits: palm oil is used so widely now that it is one of world’s leading causes of deforestation. In the words of the Union of Concerned Scientists …

Beyond its global warming and human health impacts, palm oil production also takes a toll on biodiversity and human rights. Only about 15 percent of native animal species can survive the transition from primary forest to plantation. Among the species vulnerable to palm oil expansion are orangutans, tigers, rhinoceros, and elephants. Furthermore, palm oil growers have also been accused of using forced labor, seizing land from local populations, and other human rights abuses.”

This important collaboration sends a message to big brands to source their ingredients responsibly, to stop producing products that cause deforestation and threaten critical species like orangutans.

Who are Palm Oil Investigations (POI)?

Since 2013 Palm Oil Investigations have been raising awareness and educating consumers about the impacts of unregulated Palm Oil production and how often it is used in every day household products. At the same time they place pressure on brands to use only fully traceable supply that is not contributing to deforestation or remove palm oil and palm derived ingredients from their products. They also believe in the importance of having one distinctive palm oil free logo to help consumers when they do their shopping.

How about Orangutan Alliance?

The Orangutan Alliance is a team of professional beauty, food technology and labelling experts working across Australasia, Europe and the Americas certifying consumer products as palm oil free. Orangutan Alliance recognise that consumers want to be part of the solution to unregulated and conflict palm oil, so they aim to bridge the gap between consumers (who buy palm oil free based on personal choice) and manufacturers (who are driven by consumer demand) and NGOS (who deliver grassroots conservation programs to restore forests and rescue endangered species such as Orangutans). Orangutan Alliance is a not for profit organisation so profits from their certification program will be going to fund grassroots conservation and forest projection.

What does the collaboration between POI and OA mean for consumers?

This new collaboration between Orangutan Alliance and Palm Oil Investigations has three clear benefits for consumers, manufacturers and the general public.

(1) One clear Palm Oil Free logo.

Palm Oil Investigations and Orangutan Alliance are encouraging consolidation of palm oil free labeling around the world. No more confusion. When you go shopping look for the Orangutan Alliance palm oil free logo on the product label. You’ll know that the product has been checked by food technology and beauty professionals and is palm oil free. You’ll also know that the certification of this product has contributed to reforestation and orangutan rescue projects.

(2) A stronger, clearer voice to end conflict palm oil

Two distinct organisations with one clear voice. Orangutan Alliance and Palm Oil Investigations are both committed to eliminating unregulated and conflict palm oil. Meaning palm oil that is grown and produced without regard for the law or the environment including forests, the animals or the people who live on the land.

(3) More environmental reporting

Now Palm Oil Investigations (POI) has an accurate and reliable palm oil free certification partner they are concentrating on wider and louder environmental awareness campaigns. More people will learn about the devastating impacts of unregulated and conflict palm oil. More people will learn how their choices at the supermarket can make a difference to the future of the Orangutans (and our planet earth). More big brands will be forced to pay attention to consumer demands for ethical products.

What can you do to help right now?

Our earth is one large community which connects us all. And if we all work together we can still save the orangutans, this is our strongest reason for hope. Us. You and me.

We at Orangutan Alliance and our friends over at Palm Oil Investigations ask you today to …

•       Get educated. Learn about the problem of unregulated and conflict palm oil.

•       Support Orangutan Alliance by liking our Facebook page (plus read and share our posts) and following our Instagram too.

•       Look for the Orangutan Alliance palm oil free certification or tag a brand to get certified

•       Support our friends at Palm Oil Investigations (POI)

The collaboration between Palm Oil Investigations (POI) and Orangutan Alliance is a reason to celebrate. As more of us from consumers to environmental groups unite our voice, the more chance manufacturers and regulators of consumer products will listen.


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