An exciting palm oil alternative – the Illipe nut

At Orangutan Alliance, our mission has always been to: 
1. Give Consumers Choice to be part of creating demand for alternatives to non-sustainable palm oil;

2. Encourage Manufacturers to innovate for solutions;

3. Develop income streams for ongoing support for conservation, reforestation, innovation and community development affected by this issue.

One of the areas we started with last year was working with International Animal Rescue on creating forest economies. Alternative community projects that help protect the forest. One of those projects we are helping to bring to fruition is our Illipe Nut program. 

What is the Illepe nut?

Illipe Nut harvested from the forest creates an Illipe butter. The tree produces a nut that is long, oval, and smooth, covering coffee-coloured seeds. Illipe butter is a vegetable fat that can be used as a palm oil alternative.

Illipe’s chemical composition parallels cocoa butter with a slightly higher melting point. This means soap makers love it. It is also great for some other cosmetics such as lip balms, and other stick type applications where a higher melting point is desired in order for it to hold its shape.

While still at its early stages, we are so excited that the first Illepe Butter has landed in Australia being trialed by one of our brands. We are aiming to continue support for this project to help protect forests that produce this nut and provide sustained work for local communities.

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