7 must see documentaries that will inspire you to change the world

As consumers we are influenced by a number of things when it comes to our actions and even our buying choices. Now and again, a documentary comes out that completely unveils a new way of thinking or highlights why something needs to change. If you are a Netflix buff or simply want to see a new point of view, or why people are so passionate about an issue then you should check out some of these documentaries that will change the way you view animals, conflict palm oil and even how you consume. Documentaries have a way of increasing people’s commitment to an environmental cause and we hope it does for you. 

  • Before the Flood (on Netflix)

After he drowned in Titanic, there became a real-life disaster that Leonardo DiCaprio is still desperately trying to fix. He really laid it out for us in 2016’s Before the Flood. In this film, DiCaprio visits leaders and brilliant minds like Musk and really discusses how climate change is causing devastation. It is important to remember that before you fix a problem, you must first address that there is an issue.  There are many people denying climate change is even a thing.  This film really explains how climate change is impacting our world. Discover the culprits and the many solutions which can prevent the worst impacts of climate change and unlock clean energy solutions. 

  • Blackfish (on Netflix)

    This 2013 documentary directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite came out and talked about the conditions of whales held captive by Sea World. This film changed how we care for and view whales. It also created such an uproar, that Sea World changed the way it catches and shows whales. If this film shows anything, it shows how if a person puts their mind to something they can accomplish it. This film was even responsible in changing the ending of the “Finding Dory” film so its much more positive and supportive for marine animals.

  • Inconvenient Truth (on Netflix)

The 2006 documentary should have stopped climate change then and there. Not only did this film have the riveting Al Gore speaking about our current predicament, but it gave multiple solutions to our problem. The graphic illustrations of where we are at when it comes to carbon emissions is nothing less than alarming.  

  • Red Ape BBC documentary that was released in May, 2018. For the last decade, a team of front line medics has been fighting to save Borneo’s critically endangered orangutans. Armed with cameras, International Animal Rescue has documented their struggle: pulling apes from devastated jungle, giving emergency medical care, rehabilitating and releasing the healthiest orangutans back into the wild. This is both the story of their life-saving work and of how one of our closest wild relatives has been pushed to the brink of extinction.
Red Ape.PNG
  • Cowspiracy (on Netflix)

 This film draws the attention to the inconvenient link between animal agriculture and ecological disasters. The film looks at various environmental concerns, including global warming, water use, deforestation and ocean dead zones, and suggests that animal agriculture is the primary source of environmental destruction. 

  • A Plastic Ocean (on Netflix)

Filmed over four years, the makers of the film shines a spotlight on how ocean plastic has polluted our waterways. They show eye opening footage of plastic being ingested by sea life and further down the food chain, how we also ingest it. This documentary calls all of us to implement a wave of change, helping us open our eyes to the plastic issue. 

  • Racing Extinction (on Netflix)   

The film deals with several examples of the overarching theme of the Anthropocene Extinction, in that the spread of Homo sapiens has caused the greatest mass extinction since the KT event 66 million years ago, including global warming and poaching, and the efforts of scientists, photographers and volunteers to protect endangered species. The film implicates overpopulation, globalisation and animal agriculture as leading causes of extinction.


As the Orangutan Alliance we support consumer choice when it comes to conflict palm oil. We have developed the Orangutan Alliance Palm Oil Free Certification so that consumers can have a voice on this issue. Please follow us or like our social media pages and join the movement that promotes conscious consumerism and new solutions to this issue. For more information, please visit www.orangutanalliance.org 


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