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Dr Joanna McMillan

Joanna is one of Australia’s favourite nutrition and healthy lifestyle experts. She is an international speaker and a regular on Australian television and radio. She has authored 6 books, including her latest Get Lean Stay Lean, has a weekly column in Sunday Life and runs an online lifestyle change program Get Lean. She is also a lover of all creatures great and small and a proud ambassador for The Orangutan Alliance.

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Driven by the urge of helping our environment, Roxy Rogan founded WILD EDUCATION, a conservation education business dedicated to reconnecting people with nature and educating them on how to protect and contribute positively to our environment. 

Former research assistant with African Impact, motivational speaker and explorer, Roxy is passionate about all things wild. Determined to raise awareness about environmental threats in a creative and engaging manner, WILD produced the short form documentary, ‘Person Of The Forest’ which follows Roxy into the Bornean jungle as she discovers the Orangutans and their threats.
Conservation education is a vital component in helping our environment thrive and the first steps to solving so many world problems, Roxy aims to achieve this through educating, empowering and helping others explore the natural world.


Jayaprakash Joghee Bojan - Nature Photography Ambassador

We are excited to welcome  Jayaprakash Bojan  as our latest Ambassador to the Orangutan Alliance.  He is a National Geographic Award winning nature photographer and captured the winning National Geographic Photo of the Year image of an Orangutan crossing the river.  

After having worked with the big corporates for several years he decided to quit and pursue his passion for nature photography, travel and wildlife conservation. He likes to create awareness through his story telling images. His pictures have been featured in several publications including National Geographic and others internationally. He has also been featured in BBC world news about his passion for conservation photography and stories around his award wining picture.